Below you will find a list of my most recent (publicly viewable) website projects, sorted by date. Due to non-disclosure agreements, etc. many of my projects are not currently listed.

(Note: I’m planning on re-structuring this section, but I'm also swamped... so this basic layout will just have to do for now.)

Poet Furniture

Released on Tue. Jan 6th, 2009

Website for Poet Design's new furniture store, designed to look like a Flash site - but created with MooTools-based animations/functionality instead.

FCL Builders

Released on Sun. Dec 21st, 2008

An XHTML/CSS site for a well-known Chicago area general contractor, also features a Flash-based 'slideshow' for viewing various project categories.

The Chopper Challenge

Released on Tue. Jun 17th, 2008

Note: Site is now offline.

Official website for CMT network's television show 'The Chopper Challenge', which featured several master-level cycle builders creating some seriously incredible bikes. 

I was brought on as a web developer mid-way through this project, and was responsible for re-coding the entire site in XTHML/CSS as well as creating several of the Flash elements on the site – most notably the voting box and  the entire 'The Choppers' section.  I also got to work with one of my favorite designers of all time, Ingo Ramin.  Even though we never communicated directly, it was still a huge honor to be involved with his amazing design work!  (Note: I was not responsible for the 'shopping cart' section of the site.)


Released on Tue. Mar 18th, 2008

From the Spring of 2006 through the Spring of 2008, I developed several seasonal Flash pieces for Mervyns department stores – each of which were prominently featured on the company website.  Although most of these projects involved super-quick turnaround deadlines and crazy last-minute revisions, it was a fantastic learning/growth experience for me as a freelancer.

Mervyns went out of business last summer, so I have compiled a list of the projects and placed them here on my site.

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