7 Projects tagged with: Mootools

Hollywood At Home

Released on Tue. Mar 2nd, 2010

Note: Site was changed/updated, so I've removed the link.

From their about page: "Since 2007, Hollywood at Home has provided its design-savvy customers an extraordinary collection of interior textiles, custom home furnishings and must-have vintage pieces. Born out of acclaimed designer Peter Dunham's interior design and textile design businesses, Hollywood at Home has quickly become a go-to destination for customers seeking updates to their modern California décor."

This site was designed and front-end coded by the talented Kelcey Parker.  In my role as the back-end developer, I implemented a complete (custom) content management system.  I also added several animations/effects via MooTools, including the product galleries.


Released on Wed. Feb 10th, 2010

This portfolio website was built for Michelle Beilner, who happens to be one of my most favorite people to work with!  She is responsible for the branding/design of many of the projects in my portfolio, in fact.

Built with CakePHP, this site features a super-easy CMS to allow Michelle keep her site constantly updated.  It also features several Mootools-based animations and effects throughout.


Released on Tue. Aug 18th, 2009

Website for Nathan Turner, a popular Los Angeles interior designer and entertainment coordinator. Nathan’s parties, products, and designs have been featured in several major national and regional publications including Domino, Vogue Living, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Food & Wine, and C Magazine.

This clean, minimalistic site was developed with CakePHP and features a full content management system (CMS) that allowa Nathan to easily update his site anywhere, anytime.


Released on Sat. Apr 18th, 2009

Note: Site was changed/updated since I last worked on it, as it has been a few years!  The link has been removed.

Huge XHTML/CSS website for Macadamian, a global software and usability consultancy that helps companies create successful products. 

This site features a massive CMS powered by ExpressionEngine, which allows a complete team of authors and editors at Macadamian to post blog entries, training courses & schedules, news events, company whitepapers, and much much more.

Harbinger L.A.

Released on Tue. Feb 17th, 2009

Website for Harbinger L.A., a custom accessories shop catering to area interior designers. Like the other interior designer sites I've done lately, this website features heavy usage of Mootools in order to achieve a Flash-like appearance – while still being fully optimized for search engine rankings. 

Also features a custom-coded content management system that allows Harbinger's team to easily update their site with new projects and images, press releases, and more.

Poet Furniture

Released on Tue. Jan 6th, 2009

Website for Poet Design's new furniture store, designed to look like a Flash site - but created with MooTools-based animations/functionality instead.

FCL Builders

Released on Sun. Dec 21st, 2008

An XHTML/CSS site for a well-known Chicago area general contractor, also features a Flash-based 'slideshow' for viewing various project categories.